1D Gaussian-blur

Performs an averaging of neighboring pixels with the normal distribution as weighting
Standard deviation (spatial scale factor)
name: std-dev type: double default: 1.50 minimum: 0.00 maximum: 1500.00 ui-minimum: 0.00 ui-maximum: 100.00 ui-gamma: 3.00 ui-step-small: 1.00 ui-step-big: 10.00 ui-digits: 2
The orientation of the blur - hor\/ver
name: orientation type: enum
How the gaussian kernel is discretized
name: filter type: enum
Abyss policy
How image edges are handled
name: abyss-policy type: enum
Clip to the input extent
Should the output extent be clipped to the input extent
name: clip-extent type: boolean default: True
name: gegl:gblur-1d
pads: input output
parent-class: GeglOperationFilter
categories: hidden blur
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