Spatio Temporal Retinex-like Envelope with Stochastic Sampling

Spatio Temporal Retinex-like Envelope with Stochastic Sampling
Neighborhood taken into account, for enhancement ideal values are close to the longest side of the image, increasing this increases the runtime
name: radius type: int default: 300 minimum: 2 maximum: 6000 ui-minimum: 2 ui-maximum: 1000 ui-gamma: 1.60 ui-step-small: 1 ui-step-big: 100 unit:pixel-distance
Number of samples to do per iteration looking for the range of colors
name: samples type: int default: 5 minimum: 2 maximum: 500 ui-minimum: 3 ui-maximum: 17 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 1 ui-step-big: 5
Number of iterations, a higher number of iterations provides a less noisy rendering at a computational cost
name: iterations type: int default: 5 minimum: 1 maximum: 1000 ui-minimum: 1 ui-maximum: 30 ui-gamma: 1.00 ui-step-small: 1 ui-step-big: 5
Enhance Shadows
When enabled also enhances shadow regions - when disabled a more natural result is yielded
name: enhance-shadows type: boolean default: False
name: gegl:stress
pads: input output
parent-class: GeglOperationAreaFilter
categories: enhance tonemapping
GEGL This page is part of the online GEGL Documentation, GEGL is a data flow based image processing library/framework, made to fuel GIMPs high-bit depth non-destructive editing future.